“Their jaws DROPPED when my daughter sat down and started to play...” an actual quote from one of our parents

Thanks for your interest in our exceptional Lessons Program here at Peninsula Music.  We are very proud of the reputation we have gained in the area as the finest music studio on the Peninsula.  With our talented, professional, and caring staff, we look forward to helping you learn and grow as a musician.

We offer Lessons in the following areas of interest:

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Includes Kids Piano, jazz piano, and classical study. 

Guitar and Bass
Our instructors are well-versed in rock, blues, jazz, and classical styles.  In addition, all of our instructors read standard music notation, and can help you learn to read, as well.

Learn proper techniques for breath control, proper posture, and proper vocalization and enunciation, for both live and studio performance. 

All students enrolled in private lessons have many performance opportunities, both for studio recording as well as streaming internet shows.

Our Private Lessons are one-on-one, teacher and student.  We also offer our exclusive Semi-Private Lessons, with two students (typically two siblings, or child and parent) with one teacher.  We have found that the semi-private program is a great way for a parent and child to have a mutual activity that they can enjoy together, and are both at the same level of ability.


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Other Private Lesson Programs:


  • Steel Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Ukulele
  • Violin



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Group Classes
Group classes are scheduled as student interest dictates.  Please call for our current schedule.  Group classes typically meet for six weeks, for an hour each week.
Worship Guitar
We offer a fun and satisfying group session for adults and teens that are interested in leading worship for their church, student ministry, or in a small group environment.  We use contemporary worship materials and methods so you will be well prepared for whatever ministry avenue you pursue.
Worship Keyboard
This is a great workshop for the pianist with some playing experience who would like to venture beyond playing with written music, and would like to join their church worship team as a keyboardist.  We use contemporary materials and methods in this class, as well.

Recording Techniques
This class is designed for the novice recording artist who would like to use computer based recording techniques to capture their own music at home.  We will study and use Acoustica Mixcraft as our recording platform.  Students will learn to record and edit audio, record and edit MIDI, apply effects, mix and master a finished product.  The class is very hands on and all participants will get experience with all aspects of the process.
Instrument Rentals
If you don’t have a suitable keyboard, guitar, or violin for lessons, we can rent you one for only $20 per month, and we perform all maintenance free of charge.  Please inquire for details.
Costs of Attendance
All lessons are billed by the month, and there is no distinction based on the number of lessons in the month.  You pay a firm, fixed rate.
Kinder programs:  two 15 minute lessons, weekly -- $65 per month
Student teacher programs:
½ hour private, weekly:  $65 per month.
Regular private lessons:
½ hour, private, weekly -- $100.00 per month
½ hour, semi-private, weekly -- $140.00 per month
Two ½ hour, private, weekly -- $180.00 per month
Group programs:
Varies depending on the class.  Inquire with the studio for current programs.


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