Peninsula Music -- Instructional Technology

Kids Piano, ages 5-12 years


We use an iPad app called Piano Maestro, produced by a company called JoyTunes. It is available for download from the Apple App Store on your iPad, and requires an iPad 2 or newer.   Please download it and install it prior to your first class, and bring your iPad with you to your first class. DO NOT pay the subscription fee; stay on the free trial plan for now.  Mr. Norton will help you get it synced with his teacher account at your first class, and then going forward you will not need to bring it to class; you will only need it for home practice. Piano Maestro allows Mr. Norton to track homework assignments during the week, assign new homework as needed, and gives parents feedback about their child’s progress. Parents also get a weekly email detailing their child's work for the week.  It is an incredible piano teaching tool, and Peninsula Music is currently a Silver Level Certified Piano Learning Center.

NOTE: Piano Maestro is iPad only, (sorry, it won't work on an iPhone, either) and they have no plans at this time to port it to Android devices, or to Mac or PC.

If you do not have access to an iPad, then we can use the software below as a secondary option. There is a subscription fee to access the app’s full feature set, but the studio pays a blanket license fee, so as long as you are enrolled as our student, you get full access for no extra charge.

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Teen/Adult Piano 
We use a software package called Yousician. It is available for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), Android devices (phones and tablets), PCs, Macs, and Linux.

We will create an account for you at at your first lesson, and walk you through the basic features. You will login to your account at each lesson, as well, to access your lesson plans and homework assignments. No need to bring your tablet or computer to class; we can login on our computers in the studio. The user interface is exactly the same, no matter what hardware we access the server with.

After you get home from your first lesson: to download for your tablet or phone, visit the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store, as appropriate for your device. Search for Yousician, and install the app.

To download the client software for your PC, Mac, or Linux computer, please visit, and run the installer. After you run the installer, run the Yousician app, and login with the username and password we created for you in class. All of your content will the populate on your own device, just like we had in class.

Yousician Login Info:


Password:___________________________________  (please keep a copy of your password... if you forget it, we can't reset it for you.  It can be done, but it has to be done by way of email from the Yousician people, and it takes a bit of time, as they are in Finland.)  

Note:  The Yousician login screen is Case-Sensitive.  Use caps or lower-case letters as necessary, or it will not log you in.

Premium access:  Yousician is a very elaborate program, and has an incredibly deep and rich feature set. They have what they call “Premium” access, and they nag you a bit to sign up and subscribe to it. However, we also pay a blanket license fee to Yousician, and you get all content from them as well, as a part of our license. The only thing you get with your Premium access is unlimited daily practice time. With standard access, you get about 30-45 minutes of "practice time" per day, which, in my experience, is more than most students will use.  Once the allotted practice time is used, then the student can no longer "unlock" new material and content for 12 hours.  However, any previously unlocked material can still be practiced at will, for as long as desired.  It is certainly up to you to buy premium access, if you think you need it, but you will not get any content that you are not already getting as our enrolled student. 

If you have any further questions about our technology program, please feel free to ask your instructor, or email Mr. Norton at