Lesson Fees
Here is the breakdown of fees:

Regular in-studio 45 minute lesson, once a week:
$160, per month

Online 30 minute lesson, once a week:
$160, per month (the cost is the same because the lesson is largely the same, and you have the tremendous time advantage of not having to travel to the studio).

Registration fee:
$40, due within 24 hours of registration.  If you do not pay the registration fee, the time slot you selected at registration will be forfeited, and made available to other students.  The registration fee is credited toward your first month's lesson fees.

Lesson frequency:
  • You will get typically get 4 lessons per month, except in months that have a recital, and in those, you will get three lessons.  The recital counts as the fourth meeting.
  • If a month has five weeks, you will get the fifth week off.

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