Lesson Fees
Here is the breakdown of fees:

Regular 1/2 hour lesson, once a week:
1/2 hour lesson with Mr. Norton -- $25 each lesson ($100 per month)
1/2 hour lesson with a student teacher -- $16.25 ($65 per month)

Special programs (with Mr. Norton only):
One hour lesson, once a week -- $45 each lesson ($180 per month)
Semi-private lesson (two students, same lesson) -- $35 each lesson ($140 per month)

Lesson frequency:
  • You will get 4 lessons per month, except in May and December, when you will get 3 lessons, and a recital.
  • If a month has five weeks, then the 5th week is either used for a makeup lesson, or, if no makeup is needed, you will get the week off.

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