Would you like to record a song or poem you've written?  Do you need an audition recording for college entrance?  What about an audiobook, or a spoken word project?  Are you in a band, and you need a quality demo recording to get work?  Are you a karaoke singer, and your friends want a recording of you?  We can help.  

Our Features
  • Quiet, professional atmosphere.
  • Quality digital recording using Tascam professional hardware, Apple Logic, and Acoustica Mixcraft software.
  • We have a Sonor drum set, Yamaha, Roland, and Korg synthesizers, as well as many software based synths.
  • We have two acoustic pianos.  We have a Story and Clark studio upright, and a Wurlitzer 6 foot grand.  Mr. Norton is a piano tuner and technician, and our pianos are always in tune and regulated, and ready to play.  There is no extra charge to use our pianos, nor is there a tuning fee.
​We can produce instrumental tracks for you, or you can bring your own.
  • We can record up to 16 channels at once.  We can get your whole band playing together, and record everyone in one pass if you're more comfortable that way.
  • We provide an experienced recording engineer with every project.
  • We can mix and master your finished product here in house, and give you masters for duplication on your own, or we can arrange duplication and production of final product for you.  If you only need a few pieces, we can also do a small run of 25 pieces of finished product for you here in house.
  • We can arrange to have your finished product available for sale on iTunes and other digital download sites.

We record all music genres, but we are partial to Christian music of any genre, as well as country, blues, r&b, and pop/rock.  

We are well-equipped to record acoustic instruments and vocals, with a nice quiet tracking room, which also houses our grand piano.

We prefer not to do hard rock, metal, punk, or rap, as there are other studios that are better set up for those genres.  We are also well equipped to do spoken word recording. 

Typical Recording Rates (all rates include all equipment, and the services of a recording engineer):
  • Solo performer -- $100 per four hour block, $50 per hour thereafter, per day.  
  • Two performers -- $150 per four hour block, $50 per hour thereafter, per day. 
  • Three performers (soloist with two musicians. or a trio)-- $200 per four hour block, $50 per hour thereafter, per day. 
  • Four or more performers -- $400 for four hour block, $50 per hour thereafter, per day. 
  • A group of four or more requires an up-front, non-refundable deposit of $200 to reserve the space.  The deposit will be applied to your balance at the end of the first day.  However, if you do not show up for your appointment, the deposit is forfeited.
  • If you prefer to work by the hour, we can do that, too.  Our hourly rate is $50.00.

Production/Editing Fees (these are in addition to studio rental rates, above):
  • Electronic production of backing tracks (drums, bass, keys, synth) -- $200 per song
  • Post production editing of timing issues (bass, drums, etc.) -- $100 per song
  • Post production editing of vocal issues (pitch, timing, phrasing, or, excessive lip smacks, coughs, "ums" and "ahs", etc.) -- $100 per vocal track.
  • Finished/pre-recording music editing -- create mix of two or more songs, change key, tempo, remove vocals, add instruments, create lead sheets or sheet music -- $25 per song.
For more information, and to discuss your project, please email Doug Norton at doug@peninsulamusic.net.  There's no obligation just to talk, and the initial consultation is free.  Mr. Norton has many years of experience in recording and the music industry, and is happy to help.  Email today and let us help you!